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Our Story

No Easy Props is a unique organization entirely made up of hip-hop arts practitioners from their communities. This includes program managers, coordinators, and admin roles. The team has chosen this path to be artists and educators, and they have learned the necessary skills to create and run there to reflect their practice 360 degrees. No Easy Props promotes respect for all, and their motto "Come as you are" emphasizes the culture's values of Peace, Unity, and Love through intercultural dialogue, learning, and sharing by connecting different groups of people.

Equally, Hip-Hop culture goes beyond music and encompasses self-discovery, agency, and self-determination. It fosters growth through practice, building strength, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and celebrates individuality and uniqueness. It's a community-driven culture that relies on teamwork and mentorship, with elders playing a crucial role in passing it on to generations.

Our Values

Preserve Hip-Hop culture through education

Engage youth in creative expression

Support BIPOC communities and cultural equity

Our Collaborative Partners

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